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Who are you when no one is watching?

This blog series is dedicated to the people I most admire answering a quick questionnaire and giving us a glimpse of their inner world.

Ines withe her eyes shut


I first met Beatriz in December 2019, after moving from Lisbon back to Barcelona. It turns out we have a best friend in common, so it seems logical in retrospect that we’d get along so well. But back then, we barely knew each other, yet she invited me to a Christmas dinner she was hosting at her house, which I thought was incredibly sweet since she knew I had no plans.

Pandemic hit soon afterward, and we’d often find ourselves at our shared friend’s house, tearing it up whenever we could. She’s amazing company, has a wickedly dark sense of humor, and is the kind of person you can talk about anything with. She’s one of the most thoughtful and giving people I know. She's talented, smart, elegant, charismatic, and exudes confidence, but she's also approachable, friendly, caring, and down to earth. She’s the best friend you’d wish to have, the one you can rely on to always tell you the truth.

In the years since, I’ve gotten to know her very well, and she's somebody I’m very proud to be able to call my friend, partner in crime, and love of my life. For this edition of Who Are You When No One Is Watching?, take a peek into her inner world—that beautiful chaos that is Beatriz Fabres.


1. Who are you when no one is watching?

Is there really no one watching?

2. Who is your hero and why?

Whomever doesn't feel the need to explain themselves.

3. What is your biggest fear?

To live a small life.

4. How would your friends describe you?

I’ll ask them.

5. If you could share a meal with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would they be?

Iliza Shlesinger, Daniel Sloss, Steve Ferrand & Bradley Telleria.

6. What's the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love?

Going to Paris to see my ex boyfriend and never finding him.

7. If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

I am.

8. What life lessons have you had to learn the hard way?

Showing yourself weak and vulnerable is a big part of being strong.

9. How do you define beauty?

I'm not able to define it but I can tell you where I’m able to see it:

I see beauty in darkness.

I see beauty in words I’ve heard but no one actually ever spoke.

I see beauty in obvious aesthetic beauty, but also in chaotic souls.

I see beauty in wildness.

I see beauty in forgotten memories.

I see beauty in the theory I’ve heard some days ago that our minds get distracted thinking of more than two things... I’ve probably got it all wrong, but I see the beauty in the man who told me this.

I see beauty in rain.

I see beauty in my son’s questions.

I see more beauty in the past, as I often fear the future.

I see beauty in dark humor, positive marketing words bore the shit out of me.

I see beauty in eyes that are able to gaze into another's eyes for more than 6 seconds.

I see beauty in cruel reality.

I see beauty in complicity.

I see beauty, I see it everywhere, even when it's not there.

10. What’s on your bucket list?

Taking my son to Disneyland, after that I can decide what to do when I grow up.


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