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It all started with a fascination for the history behind the objects we surround ourselves with, their stories, and their personalities. With jewellery, for us, it’s about making you part of the whole experience. Whether it's our more popular collections or our unique bespoke pieces, you will always have a story to tell, to hear, and to wear. The jewelry we own and carry around with us is often full of meaning, imbued with our feelings and memories. Each piece is a journey of discovery, a kaleidoscope of possibilities, and through them is how we choose to communicate and express ourselves and our love in an authentic way. As a creative lab, we're always on the hunt for elegant experiences with a flirtatious spirit. Never afraid to touch the g-spot and give you goosebumps, we aim to be a conversation starter, promoting a dialogue for expression and collaboration. We embrace this essence by designing concepts rather than objects, instigating lasting, meaningful connections over fleeting indulgences. Rainy days are our biggest muse, the perfect mood to create a sensual space where honesty, trust, and teamwork align. Along with a zest for life and a voracious appetite for the unexpected, we believe unity of ideas creates strong results, objects of desire that have stories to tell, your story. Through intimate introspection, each of our projects is built on a high standard mindset, where the difference is in the details. Designing pieces we crave and covet. Designing with a sense of freedom and wildness via non-conformity. Designing objects of desire that awaken a playful curiosity. Designing with excellence.





Innovation in design grounded in a passion for traditional handcrafted techniques. Being a conduit for authentic and meaningful connections, cultivating and maintaining strong customer loyalty and adhering to the highest quality standards.



To remain true to our love for authentic expression and to keep creating unique pieces that reflect our continued dedication to excellence and passion for exquisite design.


To empower self-expression and celebrate individuality through exquisitely crafted jewelry. To promote creative collaborations and redefine elegance while inspiring moments of genuine connection.

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Crafted locally with integrity, attention to detail and decades of collective experience in the industry, every one of our pieces of jewellery is designed to be special. Introducing our team of independent artists, designers and creatives that make our brand worth it.

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