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Designing 'projects' rather than 'collections' is an integral part of our process and enables us to be more conceptual in our approach. Creating pieces that are more grounded within an overall aesthetic and deliver a clearer message that resonates and connects with you more deeply. As we grow, the projects we will undertake will prioritize creative collaborations and be bolder both in scope and execution. 

Our dream is to create a space where creativity becomes the common language. Only by collaborating with others can we share and grow our own knowledge. Ultimately, we want to create alliances inspired by the curiosity of where they will lead us and be an open space where ideas flow freely and together decide how to develop them.




The magnificence of volcanic eruptions symbolizes the immense intensity of human emotions, such as passion, power, desire, sexuality, and creativity. It represents the ever-changing and shifting nature of our existence. Recognizing and embracing this authority of nature becomes a transformative journey, leading us to something truly revolutionary that has the power to transform our lives and the lives of those around us. 
In designing these bracelets, I wanted to capture that power, the dual nature of existence, creation and destruction, they embody the concept of death and rebirth, teaching us the unpredictable, and forcing us to create something entirely new out chaos, that beautiful chaos we live in.

These pendants are some of the first pieces we ever produced and, to this day, they continue to be our best sellers. Our wild hearts are all about connecting you with your wild and free-loving nature. A modern interpretation of a timeless image of love and passion. The edgy geometric design and delicate heart symbolize your unique inner strength and beauty. Wild hearts can't be broken!



You & Me is about complicity. This is our favorite concept of all, especially when it comes to relationships of any kind because it involves trust, love, admiration, and connection. Love happens not only with love partners but also with life partners; whether it's friendship or family, some people become part of our world and make our lives better, and these pendants are the perfect way to tell them how much they mean to us. We have the option for you to customize the pendants by engraving names or dates on each one of them, a special detail to make these pieces even more special.


Grab Life by the Balls is an evolution of our Wild Hearts. We turned them upside down, and by doing so, we gave them a whole new meaning: Grab life by the balls! We want these pieces to be a reminder to whoever wears them that our attitude in life is what gets things done; doing things with security, determination, and belief in oneself will make the process so much more interesting and rewarding. Only we can give meaning to the objects we cherish, so believe in yourself and let these be the luck and motivation you carry with you.




Our Our new Unchained collection was created as unique statement pieces as an expression of love and unity free from judgment and prejudice. Consisting of matching necklace, bracelet, and earrings, this bold chunky chain link jewelry comes in four vibrant colors, is finished with a solid sterling silver clasp, and is packaged in a unique round tin gift box.


Love Seeds was the first project we did, and it’s for sure the most personal of all. It’s about finding meaning, reconnecting with our passion, and, ultimately, transformation. The text of the video explains it all: After having my child, I stopped working for a couple of years. I found it difficult getting back to work. Not because of the work itself, but because I needed to find the motivation to be enthusiastic about what I’m creating. I thought about doing something to start a new cycle. I melted all my old silver and made these organic seed shapes from it, my love seeds. I made a hundred, and each one of them has its own number engraved, a limited edition. I strongly believe we are all connected. I want to believe I’ll be getting the motivation I need from each person who acquires this pendant. It’s my first project in a long while, and I want to feel it’s the beginning of this need of giving more meaning to what I do. I do need your energy, so here’s my heart.


Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 03.19.37.png


There’s a concept that I absolutely adore, and that is complicity. This feeling of being in tune with someone is pure magic. Personally, I believe it's the one thing that cannot be missing in any love relationship, so I've decided to make an ode to complicity by creating a special edition of my love seeds, a project that is still very close to my heart. I made only 10 engraved pieces, each numbered in Roman numbers and with one letter on the back, which together spell COMPLICITY. 10 special seeds that make whoever wears them complicit in this concept.

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 03.15.45.png


Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken is a limited edition project we did some years ago. It was done with the intention to keep as pure as possible the wildness we had in childhood that tends to disappear in our adult lives. A reminder that we all need to acknowledge and accept our inner child and keep it present in our lives as much as we can.

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