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​Passionate about jewelry since her early childhood, Beatriz left her home in Chile at the age of 18 to study at the Le Arti Orafe school in Florence, Italy, where she acquired the knowledge and skills of jewelry design and manufacturing. In 2010, she set herself the challenge of creating her own brand inspired by her artistic influences, such as Art Deco and brutalism. Working out of a small studio in the heart of Barcelona, Beatriz Fabres Jewelry was born. Today, she offers singularly unique pieces that embody her continued dedication to excellence and passion for traditional handcrafting techniques.


Steve arrived to work with us in the summer of 2022 and began to collaborate with Beatriz when she was just one person working by herself. Coming from the field of music and creative arts, he brings a fresh perspective and approach to our work. He is the critical thinker, takes part, and has creative input in almost every detail of the business. He is the reason why we started talking in plural and how a small artisanal goldsmith business started to change and grow into a brand.


Sydney is a creative consultant and strategist who joined the team as our web designer, specializing in brand identity and visual communication. With a furiously creative mind and a wonderfully curious nature, she brings a young and vibrant energy to our work and has been instrumental in developing our online presence and social media branding.


Jaume comes from a long line of master jewelers and stone setters. Having begun learning his craft at the young age of 12, he is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. With an unrivaled eye for excellence, he brings the very highest standards when it comes to precious stone setting.


Father and son team of master jewelers specializing in the molding and casting of jewelry pieces, also known as "lost wax" casting. They are responsible for creating flawless casts from Beatriz' original wax creations, from which the final pieces emerge.

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