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Who are you when no one is watching?

This blog series is dedicated to the people I most admire answering a quick questionnaire and giving us a glimpse of their inner world.

Maher Daniels with scarf over his eyes, who are you when no one is watching?


Alex is so Alex, she's probably one of the most spontaneous souls I’ve met, which makes her brutally unique.

She’s a communication strategist, a storyteller, and a writer; that’s her way to express and share with us her endless love for words.

Her degree in psychology makes her a great listener, her motherhood makes her close and warm, and her beauty makes her incredibly attractive.

She’s a devoted friend for ours, the lucky ones who are around her, a woman that might be too much for many, as her passion for life and human beings is a superpower she owns, moved by her hungry curiosity.

She owns many jewelry pieces I’ve done for her, of which I'm so proud. She rocks them like a queen, and I adore her sense of style.


1. What is Life: A beautiful chaos or a challenging quiz?

A challenging quiz that starts by being a beautiful chaos in order to grab our attention.

2. What are you: An early bird or party animal?

An early bird that with her tribe may become a party animal.

3. What defines your style: Classic or eccentric?

I would never define my stile as classic, but I cannot define it in one word: it follows my humour, the way I am passionate or bored, it’s just... me.

4. How are your statements: Silent or loud?

Silent. It’s hard for me to respect someone who needs to shout in order to be heard. Unless she or he is a baby.

5. What is friendship: Transparency or companionship?


6. What is love: Complicity or trust?

This is a difficult one, but for me trust is all you need.

7. Are you: A people lover or a people keeper?

People lover, I don’t want to keep people, I love freedom, it’s up to them to stay or go.

8. What is fulfilment: Crazy laughs or inner peace?

Inner peace.

9. What is fear: Change or courage?


10. What defines you the most: Things that cannot be seen or those in sight?

Those in sight - together with my huge curiosity, both explain why I cannot cover my eyes, entirely.


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