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Who are you when no one is watching?

This blog series is dedicated to the people I most admire answering a quick questionnaire and giving us a glimpse of their inner world.


About 15 years ago or so, I had a jewelry shop in Borne, Barcelona. Rachel came in one day and bought a bracelet for her that she still wears all the time. She had to run out fast to catch a flight, so we didn't chat much.

Her loyalty, one of her strong gifts, made her visit my shop every time she came to Spain, until one night we ended up having dinner together, and that was the start of a strong friendship.

She’s one of my most treasured closest people, a fast thinker, sharp-witted, and smart; that’s my Rachel. We have a new activity that will grow with time (I hope!): we travel, and our plan is to visit at least once a year a new place together because we both need new memories to build.


Rapid Fire:

1. What is Life: A beautiful chaos or a challenging quiz?

A beautiful chaos!

2. What are you: An early bird or party animal?

Early bird.

3. What defines your style: Classic or eccentric?


4. How are your statements: Silent or loud?


5. What is friendship: Transparency or companionship?


6. What is love: Complicity or trust?


7. Are you: A people lover or a people keeper?

People lover.

8. What is fulfilment: Crazy laughs or inner peace?


9. What is fear: Change or courage?


10. What defines you the most: Things that cannot be seen or those in sight?

Those in sight.


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