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Designing 'projects' rather than 'collections' is an integral part of our process and enables us to be more conceptual in our approach. Creating pieces that are more grounded within an overall aesthetic and deliver a clearer message that resonates and connects with you more deeply. As we grow, the projects we will undertake will prioritize creative collaborations and be bolder both in scope and execution. 

Our dream is to create a space where creativity becomes the common language. Only by collaborating with others can we share and grow our own knowledge. Ultimately, we want to create alliances inspired by the curiosity of where they will lead us and be an open space where ideas flow freely and together decide how to develop them.




The magnificence of volcanic eruptions symbolizes the immense intensity of human emotions, such as passion, power, desire, sexuality, and creativity. It represents the ever-changing and shifting nature of our existence. Recognizing and embracing this authority of nature becomes a transformative journey, leading us to something truly revolutionary that has the power to transform our lives and the lives of those around us. 
In designing these bracelets, I wanted to capture that power, the dual nature of existence, creation and destruction, they embody the concept of death and rebirth, teaching us the unpredictable, and forcing us to create something entirely new out chaos, that beautiful chaos we live in.

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